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You Don't Want To Miss This!

I have two things weighting on my heart this day and I don't know that I will get to both just yet but I'm going to start with a dream I had a couple months ago. It began with my husband and I sitting on a balcony that overlooked a couple streets in a city. It was late at night and oddly quiet and peaceful for a city. The streets were lined with street lights and trees and there were the occasional cars that would go by. As we sat talking I noticed that off in the distance the trees began shaking one by one as if someone was walking toward us and shaking the trees. They were not small trees so I knew it was something big. I got up and leaned over the balcony to try to see what it was but I saw nothing except the shaking trees. I just began asking what it was and what was going on. As it got closer it was like my spiritual eyes were opened and I was able to see fully. At first it appeared to be a huge demon but as I continued to watch I realized it was a legion of demons moving as one. So what was happening, was as it walked down the street, it was causing a shaking of the trees. As it passed a doorway a demon would break off and enter the house. A few seconds later it would come out laughing hysterically and stumbling as if it were drunk and then join back into the legion. Immediately lights would come on in that house and the sounds of fighting and yelling, crying and even dishes being broken would fill the streets. One by one every house on the street would be entered and the chaos would ensue.

Church, I know that last year and into this new year there has been some massive shakings in your homes, your streets, your towns and cities and in the nation. As believers we need to look beyond the shaking and into the spirit to see what is really happening. You can't leave your house or get on social media without seeing the fighting. It's fighting over masks, censorship, treatments, vaccines, social distancing, politics, not to mention all the personal issues in each of our homes. I rarely even get on social media anymore and even more rarely scroll through the newsfeed and yet I have seen and heard of more divorces and family strife than ever before in my lifetime. Literally family disowning family, best friends ending decades of friendship, Christians turning on Christians, a whole nation divided! I have even been in the middle of it myself. Hatred from friends and family members who don't agree with my opinions or view points.

Let me tell you about something that happened in my family several years ago. One of my boys began having night terrors. If you've never watched your child have a night terror it is awful. It is terrifying and frustrating because as much as you try to wake them up or snap them out of it you can't. You literally watch them experience whatever hell is trying to drag them into. The look of terror on their face and the sound of their cries for help and despite them looking you in the eyes and responding to your questions they have no idea that you are there. It's awful and it is 100% a demonic attack. When this would happen with our son we would just hold him and pray and then go to bed the next night fearful that it would happen again. I could feel the demonic presence but then one night I actually saw it. I heard the cries of my boy and ran to his room. When I got there I literally saw the demon on the floor holding it's belly as it laughed hysterically, rolling from side to side. No longer was I fearful and helpless. Nope, that mama bear, righteous anger rose up in me and I chased that thing out cursing it back into the pit of hell it crawled out of. That was the end of night terrors! Friends, that same demon in my sons room is the one I saw in my dream. James 3:16 says, "For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work." We cannot give place to strife or guess what comes with it... confusion and EVERY Evil work. I'm praying that you will be able to see with your spiritual eyes and beyond the shaking trees to see the demon at work in your homes, in your cities and in our nation that is literally getting a high off of stealing from you. I'm not discrediting the shaking trees (the hurt your spouse has caused you or the hurt or fear of this virus or the frustration of your friends and family not understanding your viewpoints). I am saying this, "For our fight is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, and against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places."- Eph. 6:12. Your fight looks like it is against your spouse, your child, your friend or family member but to say that and to act upon that is spiritual immaturity. To see that is to focus on the shaking trees and not looking with your spiritual eyes to see the enemy who is taking pleasure in stealing your marriage, your health, the promises of God, destroying your family or desire and trust in God and killing the plans and purposes God has for your future. Jesus told us in John 10:10 that, "The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly." Lock your eyes on Jesus and experience life and life more abundantly or lock your eyes on the trees and you will realize you were robbed and had no idea. I'm praying that even as you read this that that holy, righteous anger will rise up in you and that your eyes will be open to see and that you will chase that thing back into the pit of hell it crawled out of. Do not give any place to the devil! -Eph. 4:27

Church, God is looking for the remnant right now. Last March I shared a word the Lord gave me and part of it was that He is using this shaking to separate His light from the darkness. His remnant (light) are the ones who have locked eyes with Him and not been moved by the shakings. Though they may get bumped or even knocked over by the storm ensuing around them they get back up and remain steadfast in Him. I have watched over the last year my luke warm Christian friends side with the enemy and be tossed to and fro by every wave of fear and emotion and every new headline. My heart breaks for them because they are going to miss out on the greatest move of God of our lifetime. I believe that this sifting of His light from the darkness is for the purpose of bringing that remnant into unity as in the days of the book of Acts. We are about to experience an outpouring of the Spirit like we have never seen in our lifetime. Just as those demons moved as one in my dream and created the shaking of the trees, the remnant in unity filled with the power of the Holy Spirit will cause the devil himself to fear and be knocked off his feet. Will you be part of the remnant that EXPERIENCES it or will you be one of those on the outside who watches the remnant experience God. The shakings of this last year are distractions, don't let them take your eyes off of the Great I AM, the Waymaker, The Great Physician, Healer, King of Kings and Lord of Lords, All Powerful, Provider, our Gracious God. Friends, I don't want you to miss this. This is going to be Biblical and you DO NOT want to miss it. God is gathering His church and preparing us for the greatest marriage ceremony ever, the marriage of the Lamb of God and His bride the church. We are entering into a time of purification. I'm telling you, you don't want to miss this. You don't need to be perfect, He is already pleased with you. Enter into His presence and let Him purify you. If there was ever a time to be in prayer and fasting and consuming yourself with the Word it is now!

Lord, Thank you for your goodness and your love for your church. Lord, I pray that this shaking will shake your church awake. Give us eyes to see and ears to hear. Lord, let us see beyond the shaking trees and be not moved by the things of this world for though we are in this world we are no longer of it (John 17:16). And even moreso Lord, let us be of good cheer because you have already overcome (John 16:33). Let us stand in your peace and keep our gaze upon you and your steadfast love! We thank you for the unity of your church and the gift of your Spirit. Prepare our hearts to receive the fullness of your good gifts. Let us be your hands and feet but not in our limited power and ability but that of your Spirit. Thank you Lord! In Jesus name Amen!

I encourage you to look up Psalm 98 in The Passion Translation! Our God is good!

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