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About Amanda 

Amanda's Story

I have spent the last 14 years learning about the body and how different foods and supplements affect our health and weight. However it's really been since 2014 that I've poured into healing the body through an all natural approach. I have researched and use homeopathy, herbs, oils, natural supplements and food in place of medicine. 


Like most people this increased passion was born from my own health problems. I spent a year making really poor health choices (skipping meals, eating a high sugar diet, lots of grains and fast food, had super high ongoing stress, stopped exercising and topped it off with a surprise pregnancy). I put my body through the ringer and it showed in big ways. My hair started falling out, and what was left looked like it had been caught on fire.  My hands, armpits, and the backs of my knees were covered in eczema.  I had deep painful cracks in my heels.  I felt like I was living in the deepest darkness possible outside of hell and truly thought it would be better to die.  I was always bloated and constipated, feeling like I was going to pass out at any given moment, and started having vision problems. To say I was tired was a huge understatement. I had uncontrollable sugar cravings, could no longer consume gluten or dairy without a lot of backlash on my body, and of course, I was about 20 lbs overweight.


We made some huge life changes including moving to AZ, a complete overhaul of our diet, adding "the best high quality" and very expensive supplements back into our routine.  After 6 months the only changes were where we lived, less stress and I no longer wanted to die. Everything else had basically stayed the same or gotten worse.


Things changed when a friend shared some different nutritional supplements with me that took more of a focus on supporting the gut microbiome, reducing inflammation and supporting healthy blood sugar levels. As skeptical as I was I was desperate to feel better so I added them into my routine. I was absolutely amazed.  For the first time in over a year I, was able to see some hope and started to feel normal. This fueled my drive to get better and learn more. It has been an ever-growing learning process that has also led both my husband and I to Charis Bible College. We completed our first year online during our travels. I went on to complete 2nd year May 2022 and 3rd year Leadership in May 2023. 

I am proud to say that with everything I've learned and implemented I stand here today completely healed! I do not believe in incurable sickness or disease. I will be sharing much more on this in my blog but according to Deut. 28:59-61 all sickness and disease is under the curse of the law and Romans 6:14 says "for you are not under the law but under grace!" NKJV. There are many natural tools including, diet, supplementation, homeopathy, natural therapies and most importantly the Word of God. Healing is always possible! This has stirred a passion in me to help others take control of their body and reclaim their health!



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