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Jeremiah 2:31-32 God's heart toward you.

"O generation, see the word of the Lord! Have I been a wilderness to Israel, or a land of darkness? Why do My people say, 'We are lords; we will come no more to You'? Can a virgin forget her ornaments, or a bride her attire? Yet My people have forgotten Me days without number."- Jeremiah 2:31-32

My heart breaks reading this! Can you hear the heart of the Father longing for His people to desire Him? You know before we sold our house I went a good stretch without having my daily quiet time with God. Finally one morning I got up and went to my office to meet with my Lord and I began apologizing for not showing up for our time. I right away heard His voice in my spirit tell me that He was there, every day that I wasn't He still showed up. 😢 Our God is so faithful even when we are not! He loves us and desires us more than anything. Even though we may not say we will no longer come to Him our actions say it loud and clear. We don't read the Word or if we do it is rarely out of a heart that desires to truly know Him and be known by Him. We put our trust in our ability (or as scripture would say, we see ourselves as lords) to produce wealth and build our kingdoms. We trust doctors to heal and protect our bodies from sickness and disease when Jesus already became that curse for us and desires us to walk in health. We spend our time with all our loved ones and give none of it to Him. Day and night we meditate on our task lists, our diseases, our bank accounts, our sadness, fears and anxieties instead of meditating on His word. We teach our kids all the things of this world but fail to teach them the word.

We work and do ministry and consume our lives and time with all the cares of this world and forget our God days without number.

Isaiah 17:10&11 says, Because you have forgotten the God of your salvation, and have not been mindful of the Rock of your refuge, therefore you will plant pleasant plants (do good things, love on your families) and set out foreign seedlings (work and build your kingdom); In the day you will make your plant to grow, and in the morning you will make your seed to flourish; but the harvest will be a heap of ruins in the day of grief and desperate sorrow.

We will all reap a harvest. Your days are seed, your words and thoughts are seed, the meditations of you mind and heart are seeds, your income is a seed. Your time, gifts and talents are seeds. With the seeds you've been planting what kind of harvest will you reap? Will it be a plentiful and welcomed harvest? Or will it be a heap of ruins? Remember there is no condimnation in Christ so this is not to bring shame or condimnation or guilt but to encourage relationship with the Father and growth in Him!

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